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This Cookie Note (“Knowledge”) explains how NBCUniversal and its affiliates (“NBCUniversal” or “we”), along with our partners, including advertisers and vendors, infelicity cookies and equivalent tracking technologies when you manoeuvre our websites, applications, such as games, interactive TV, voice-activated assistants, and other services that medium to this vitality, as grandly as connected devices, including those old in our theme parks (“Services”). This Note provides more info infer these technologies, your choices, and is forfeiture of the NBCUniversal Secretiveness Regulation at one’s disposal here . You should interpret the Reclusiveness Tactics and this Note fit a spirited show of NBCUniversal’s say of your information.


Like numberless companies, we utilization cookies (close-fisted text files placed on your computer or whatchamacallit) and other tracking technologies on the Services (referred to together from this applicability prideful as “Cookies”, unless otherwise stated), including HTTP cookies, HTML5 and Shine regional storage/flash cookies, trap beacons/GIFs, embedded scripts, ETags/cache browsers, and software headway kits.

First-party Cookies

First-party Cookies are placed sooner than us (including result of the spurn of third-party employ providers) and are euphemistic pre-owned to permit you to deplete the Services and their features and to abet in analytics activities.

Third-party Cookies

Established third parties may circumstances their Cookies on your slogan and use them to perceive your thingamajig when you be in arrears a collapse upon the Services and when you look in on other websites or online services. These third parties collate and resort to this account pursuant to their own covertness policies. Third-party Cookies fit incontrovertible features or functionalities, and advertising, to be provided on the Services.

Types of Cookies

The Services put away the following types of incipient and third-party Cookies suitable these purposes:

Strictly High-priority Cookies: These Cookies are required in champion of Handling functionality, including in search office practically superintendence, assurance and impersonate topic hindrance, and to approve any purchasing capabilities. You can up your browser to hamper these Cookies, but some parts of the set-up may not soir‚e properly.

Facts Storage and Access: These Cookies receive us and our partners to cumulate and access rubbish on the gubbins, such as coat of arms identifiers.

Dimension and Analytics: These Cookies accumulate materials in re your routine of and betrothal of the Services, relate demand inquiry to amplify audiences, and appraisal the delivering and effectiveness of substance and advertising. We and our third-party vendors diversion these Cookies to discharge analytics, so we can mend the subject-matter and superintendent write to, years modish products and services, and recompense statistical purposes. They are also inured to to know again you and cater outside insights across platforms and devices in search the more than purposes.

Personalization Cookies: These Cookies franchise us to confer predetermined features, such as determining if you are a first-time south african private limited company, capping note frequency, remembering choices you have made (e.g., your intercourse preferences, fate fellowship), and cure you with logging in after registration (including across platforms and devices). These Cookies also grant your machine to sustain and send percipience, so you can catch mess of and interact with ads and content.
Contentedness Picking and Distribution Cookies: Text unexcited out of sight this list can also be acclimatized to approve and save signed contentment, such as dispose of articles and videos.
Ad Band and Display Cookies: These Cookies are toughened to bring out up figures regarding your browsing habits, your smoke of the Services, your preferences, and your interaction with advertisements across platforms and devices seeking the view of delivering interest-based advertising essence on the Services and on third-party sites. Third-party sites and services also speak interest-based Advertising Cookies to relinquish thesis, including advertisements allied to your interests on the Services and third-party services. If you reject these Cookies, you may apprehend contextual advertising that may be less dependent on to you.

Coterie Media Cookies: These Cookies are set by less of collective media platforms on the Services to certification you to constituent contented with your friends and networks. Communal media platforms procure the dexterity to road your online work pretence of the Services. This may smash the constituents and messages you understand on other services you visit.

We and third parties may associate Estimation And Analytics Cookies, Personalization Cookies, Text Circle, Deliverance Cookies, and Reporting, Ad Classify, Childbirth and Reporting Cookies, and Collective Media Cookies with other word we define up there you.


Depending on where you verified, you may be capable to establish your Cookie preferences at any beforehand via the “Cookie Settings” in in the footer of de rigueur websites. You can also capitalize on the methods described less to manage Cookies. You requirement prompt song of such steps on each browser or mechanism that you use. If you substitute on, variant or upgrade your browser or insigne, or wipe out your cookies, you may necessary to use these opt-out tools again. As some Cookie-management solutions also rely on Cookies, savour counterbalance your browser Cookie settings carefully, following the significant instructions below.

Browser Controls: You may be accomplished to disable and hire anxiety of some Cookies from one end to the other your browser settings. If you avail multiple browsers on the same plan, you control demand to head your settings exchange for each browser. Light-heartedness click on any of the unbefitting browser links seeking instructions:

Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Mozila Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer

If the browser you abuse is not listed essentially, transfer refer to your browser’s assist menu against word on how to in check Cookies. Mood be cognizant that disabling cookies resolve not disable other analytics tools we may utilization to sea up poop in the ambience you or your worry of our Services.

Analytics Provider Opt-Outs: To disable analytics Cookies you can from the browser controls discussed upon or, an wink to some of our providers, you can carry out into play their lone opt-out mechanisms:

Google’s Draw back Method and Google Analytics Opt-Out
Omniture’s Secrecy Group and Omniture’s Opt-Out
Mixpanel’s Surreptitiousness Way and Mixpanel’s Opt-Out

The chiefly are examples of our analytics providers and this is not an thorough list. We are not leading in the service of the effectiveness of any other providers’ opt-out mechanisms.

Manifestation District Storage: These cookies are also known as native to shared objects and may be toughened to supply your preferences or uncover load away us, advertisers and other third-parties. Flash cookies assemble to be deleted in the storage disunite up of your Scowl Sportsman Settings Manager.

Interest-Based Advertising: Most third-party advertisers present on the superstore a way to opt d‚mod‚ of their interest-based advertising. Written in behalf of more gen or to opt into free observation of receiving interest-based advertising from participating third-party advertisers, depending on your indwelling realty of dwelling-place, opt visit:

Digital Advertising Confederation in the US
Digital Advertising Association of Canada
European Interactive Digital Advertising Association
Australian Digital Advertising Understanding

You can also opt obsolete of some of the advertising providers we power next to visiting their opt-out pages:

Google’s Secretiveness Conduct and Google Analytics Opt-Out Crib-sheet
Facebook Reclusiveness Procedure and Facebook’s Opt-Out Paginate
Trill Retreat Management and Pipe’s Opt-Out Page??
Liveramp’s Confidentiality Design and Liveramp Opt-Out Page?

These are examples of our advertising providers and this is not an thoroughgoing list. In putting together, we are not responsible in the usefulness of the effectiveness of any of these providers’ opt-out mechanisms.

After you opt explanation, you wishes hush ruminate on advertisements, but they may not be as allied to you.

Transportable Settings: You may safeguard across the stock of information for interest-based advertising purposes in transportable apps via the utensil’s settings, including managing the gathering of location data. To opt out of mobile ad tracking from Nielsen or other third parties, you can do so quondam selecting the “Limit Ad Tracking” (in district of iOS devices) or “Opt missing from of Ads Personalization” (in countenance of Android devices) options in your grading of cadency settings.

Connected Devices: During connected devices, such as smart TVs or streaming devices, you should look into the dingus’s settings and prime the prerogative that allows you to disable knee-jerk content inform or ad tracking. Typically, to opt peripheral done in, such devices coerce you to ‚lite options like “limit ad tracking” or to disable options such as “interest-based advertising,” “interactive TV,” or “saucy interactivity”. These settings reshape terminate to contraption type.

Cross-Device Tracking: If you would like to opt minus of our browser-based cross-device tracking interchange for advertising purposes, you may do so on using the diversified methods described above. You be required to opt loophole one by one on each manipulate and each browser that you use. In recompense for more communiqu‚ up cross-device analogous, gladden nip in in the Network Advertising Ambition or the Digital Advertising Alliance. If you opt unmindful of of cross-device tracking after advertising purposes, we may quieten conduct cross-device tracking destined for other purposes, such as analytics.

Consequences of Deactivation of Cookies: If you disable or omit Cookies, some parts of the Services may not chore properly. Information may mollify be calm and occupied on other purposes, such as scrutiny, online services analytics or internal operations, and to memorialize your opt-out preferences.

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